September 13, 2011


I received this and I am putting out the call to any of you with sustainable seating. If you are interested please contact me and we can discuss how and what you should submit.  Please take the time to look at their site and that of Zakery Zide’s.

This organization needs a couple of pieces of main stage furniture for their upcoming event – The GreenBiz Innovation Forum. The event focuses on where Innovation and Sustainability meets.  Zakary Zide is the consultant and is designing the stage and various touch points throughout the venue.

We are looking for a chair for the moderator and a couch or chairs to sit up to 3 other people on stage at any time. We would want the furniture to match the theme of the event – innovation meeting sustainability. The budget is limited, but the students involved would get their designed showcased at the event, and we could showcase the students on our website – more than 275,000 unique viewers months (the majority of viewers are top sustainability executives from Fortune 1000).

Additionally, we have a good standing relationship the CCA. They were a partner of the Innovation Forum in 2010 and Nathan Schedroff was one of our keynote speakers.

Defining and accelerating the business of sustainability.

Welcome Everyone !

September 13, 2011


This is our fresh new blog for the Furniture Department.  This site will provide a way for us to share the upcoming events and news of our program.  Please feel free to contribute, comment and share the information that you find here.